David Hullfish Bailey ___applied voronio via lamina

22 Jan

Artvehicle 44/Review

4th September 2009 — 1st November 2009

Surrounded By Squares is a two-man show by Nils Norman and Dave Hullfish Bailey – “friends who have never exhibited together before’.  In a gallery like Raven Row, oozing its generous budget from every floorboard and light fitting – situated in Spitalfields, which has become part of the financial district – it seems fitting that the focus of the show is on regeneration, gentrification and town planning.  In Norman’s work, these are recurrent themes.  As in other projects, such as his 2007 collaboration with Stephan Dillemuth A Mysterious Thing, the workings of art itself draws fire too.The prevailing physical sense of the show is one of oddness – we are presented with objects to which we do not know how to relate.  The title Surrounded by Squares is very appropriate – evoking not only the feeling of being surrounded by these works, but also the situation of the gallery and its environs; of being hemmed in by new real estate developments.  The whole show has a very consciously staged look – the specially made bar (made from the off-cuts from Hullfish Bailey’s sculptures), left from the private view, is accompanied by a seating area, ensuring that even if the audience does not choose to clamber onto Norman’s installation (“at our own risk’), we have to interact with the work, at least on the opening night (if we expect a drink). . . read more

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