2011 HI-MACS® Design Contest

7 Feb

The company LG Hausys Europe GmbH launches the competition « HI-MACS® Design Contest 2011 », a European design contest, which deals with furniture design using our Solid Surface material HI-MACS®.


This contest will award the projects, which will present new ideas focus on urban furniture. These ideas will have to present innovation in concept and aesthetic. The following criteria will be taken into account: usability, commercial marketability, based on current trends (eco-friendly, wellness, snacking, nomadism…), creativity, technical feasibility, budget adherence, usage of HI-MACS® properties.


The theme of the competition is:

“Urban furniture”

The theme therefore refers to any piece of furniture used to furnish the city. The object has to be freely chosen by the designer. Here is a non exhaustive list of application that can be done:
•    Public bench
•    Streetlight
•    Telephone box
•    Jardinière
•    Banister
•    Etc.


The competition is open to professional designers and students with no age limit. The student should be attending at least his/her second year studies.

For information, candidates who are studying or working in the following areas are invited to take part:
•    Product designers
•    Interior designers
•    Urban designers
•    Architects
•    Any other design-related studies


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