i.materialise Student Discount

7 Apr

If you’re a student at a College or University and want to use 3D printing for a school related project we’re giving you a 20% discount if you 3D print with us. We’re especially interested in Design Academy Students (Eindhoven, Finland etc.) & Engineering and product design graduates. But, feel free to wow us with any work from any discipline.


  • You have to be enrolled at a College, University or Technical school
  • You must contact us using a .edu email adress to verify this (sorry about this but someone always will play unfair even though virtually all are fair).
  • The 3D print or 3D prints you order are for a school or school related project.
  • You supply us with images after to show us your project when it is finished (we will ask for your permission if we’d like to use them in a blog post).
  • Enter the promocode MASTER3DPRINT2011 (yes, looks like a frigtheningly real password doens’t it).
  • We have the right to refuse selected orders in some cases (we probably won’t ever but I thought I’d put that in there to be safe. I mean we wouldn’t want other 3D printing services ordering from us would we).
  • Shipping will still be free on the final value of orders over $100/€100
  • This offer is valid on all of our materials so Stainless Steel, Multicolor, Titanium, Transperent resin all the materials.
  • The project at the top of the page is my Michiel Jan Seegers would cost a student €120.
  • The offer is valid only until the end of this school year.


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