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Metropol Parasol by J. Mayer H.

27 Apr

The “Metropol Parasol” scheme with its impressive timber structures offers an archaeological museum, a farmers market, an elevated plaza, multiple bars and restaurants underneath and inside the parasols, as well as a panorama terrace on the very top of the parasols. Realized as one of the largest and most innovative bonded timber-constructions with a polyurethane coating, the parasols grow out of the archaeological excavation site into a contemporary landmark, defining a unique relationship between the historical and the contemporary city. “Metropol Parasols” mix-used character initiates a dynamic development for culture and commerce in the heart of Seville and beyond.

Kinetic Pavilion – Adapt&Extend

25 Apr

The Orange Cube by Jakob + Macfarlane

3 Mar

Triangulate yer meshes!

Bangalore Railway Concept Design

26 Feb


4 Feb

Sick model!

Tek by BIG

Environment of Understanding

4 Feb


topology optimized concrete structure

3 Feb